pytest-fixture-marker - Pytest plugin - 2018

Selectively run tests based on which fixtures they use.
Keywords: Python, pytest

feature_flag_proxy - An http reverse proxy - 2017

A very basic reverse proxy. Added support for blue-green deployments to smooth out the deployment of a service that took 3 hours to start up. While it was used in production, it was always meant to be a temporary solution until a legacy REST service was fully re-written, and an opportunity to improve my Erlang skills.
Keywords: Erlang, cowboy, HTTP, eunit

Zinc - AWS Policy Routed Records on the cheap - 2017

An open source tool providing an alternate Policy Routed records implementation, for Amazon Route53.
Keywords: Python, AWS Route53, boto3, Django Rest Framework, swagger

Z3 - Backup ZFS snapshots to Amazon S3 - 2016

Keywords: Python, AWS S3, boto, ZFS

pidunu - Trivial init system for docker containers - 2015

A trivial init process, for use in Docker containers for solving the Zombie Process Problem.
Written in C. Tested with pytest.
Keywords: Docker, Linux, C, pytest

frac - A rendered for the Mandelbrot set - 2012

A Buddhabrot renderer in Go. A teach-myself-Go project.
Keywords: Go