About me

Hi, I'm Radu Ciorba, and I'm a software developer. This blog is a place for me to collect and publish my thoughts.

I've been using Python for over 10 years, on projects in various industries. I currently work at Hotjar. In the past I've worked on PBS Learning Media as a software developer and technical lead, and have been part of the Presslabs team as an operations engineer and most recently at Bitdefender as part of the Android anti-malware team.

I'm a believer in the value of open-source. You can see some of my own contributions on the projects page, or on GitHub and Bitbucket.

If you want to contact me you can email me at radu [at] devrandom.ro or you can reach out to me on twitter.

About this site

This site is self hosted, and includes no third party tracking. You can find the source on GitHub, altough I can't in good faith recommend you use it over one of the many static site generators available, since it's just something hacked together for my particular need. The background pattern is copied from Github Dark User Style (CC-A-SA).